Quantum Science & Technology

Quantum physics is the study of the tiniest particles, which are thought to be the universe's fundamental particles. Understanding the properties of solids, atoms, nuclei, subatomic particles, and light requires quantum physics. Quantum computing, quantum cryptography, and quantum teleportation are some of its subfields. The science of delivering secret communications across a quantum channel is known as quantum cryptography. Quantum key distribution is a method that leverages quantum mechanics features to provide a safe key. Quantum computers use quantum bits, or qubits, to increase computing power. Atomic clocks, the most precise clocks on the planet, employ quantum physics to measure time. Squeezing, a method of minimising noise in laser beams, can also be done using quantum techniques.

  • Quantum cryptography
  • Quantum simulation
  • Quantum metrology
  • Quantum engineering
  • Quantum sensing

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    July 15-16, 2024

    5th European Congress on Laser, Optics and Photonics

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

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